This set is ready to use - No Painting Required.


The Crypt Set contains a complete encounter ready for use on your tabletop gaming arena. 


"Deep within the catacombs of the ancient city of Antura lies a crypt, forgotten by time. It is written within the cites library that the Paladin by the name of Ector Duskbane lies here, put to rest with his 2 Sargent in Arms after falling in battle during the final moments of the Great Defense of Antura over a century ago " 


The Crypt is a combination of composite and standard materials meticulously selected to bring life and character to this incredible setting.


Own one of the most unique gaming sets currently available.
Crypt Set Contains;
-    One stone sarcophagus
-    Two Wooden coffins
-    Three pillars with torch and flames
-    One earthy ground piece
-    Two Stone ledges
-    Four spiders eggs
-    Five spiders
-    Four spiders webs
-    Three flat crates
-    Three square crates
-    One barrel
-    One Urn

Crypt Set