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When high quality exotic composite filaments first came onto the scene, we knew they would create a quantum shift.

Especially in sectors poorly serviced by low quality products.  RPG Gamers were one of the most deprived communities,  having to grin and bear terrain pieces that not only looked cheap and nasty, but also required toiling hour after hour painting and detailing those dreadful chunks of colourless plastic before being anywhere near functional. 

Let’s be honest,  who has time for all that fiddle fuddle when there is hard core gaming to be done.

The low-quality terrain pieces were poles apart from the extraordinary effort and commitment poured into every other facet of a great tabletop gaming experience.   So, when we got our hands on these amazing filaments, we set about closing that gap.

We were confident we had created Tabletop Gaming Terrain on par with the high level of fervency found in every other RPG element.   This belief has been justified time and time again by the tidal wave of incredible feedback.

We heard the collective sigh of relief from the RPG fraternity. 

This passionate response is not only very well received,  it also inspires us to up our effort and commit to releasing a new Gaming Terrain Gem as often as we can.