Treasure Set


Ready to use - No Painting Required


Time to make your game play mat look as realistic as it feels to be a part of the adventure. 

These quality Wood Chests and Crates created from Exotic Composite Filaments combined with the deep lustre gold Treasure Piles will help transport you to the dungeon or cave that hides the booty.

We have gone to great lengths to create these items in such a way they do give a truly wooden smell and feel and the vision of a real pile of gold.

Where will you hide your booty ???

Each Treasure Set Contains:
    Two Small Chests
    Two Large Chests
    Two Small Crates
    Six Piles of Gold

Each Piece Measures
    Small Chest   - 18mm x 12mm x 15mm
    Large Chest  - 25mm x 17mm x 20mm
    Small Crate   - 17mm x 13mm x 14mm
    Piles of Gold - 25mm in diameter & 7mm tall

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Treasure Set

  • The image background squares are 25 mm or 1 inch.

  • Chests

    Creator: Pipoden

    Licence: Creative Commons - Public Domain Dedication license.



    Creator: Horendus

    Licence: Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike license.



    Creator: mrhers2

    Licence: Creative Commons - Attribution license.