Sword Rack Set


This set is ready to use - No Painting Required.


These miniature Swords and Sword Racks look simply fantastic. Printed with a mix of Composite and PLA filaments they will help you build the mental pictures to make you feel like you are on the battle mat yourself. 

Place these on your tabletop and instantly create the imagery enhancing your emotions and intensifying your game play experience. 

Suitable for D&D, Pathfinder and many other Tabletop Role-playing Games.

Sword Rack set contains;

Three Sword Racks
Fourteen Swords


Sword Rack   - 27mm x 10mm x 18mm
Swords          - 27mm x   8mm x   2mm

The Sword Rack Set can also be purchased on Etsy - 

Sword Rack and Swords were designed by Heroes Hoard. Extruded Gaming is a licensed user of Heroes Hoard models.

Sword Rack Set

  • The image background squares are 25 mm or 1 inch.

  • Sword Rack

    Creator: Heroes Hoard

    Licence: Extruded Gaming is a licensed seller of Heroes Hoard models

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