Extruded Gaming – Grand Tavern Set - 28mm Gaming Terrain

Includes the following;

Two Wood Tables with Bench Seats
Two Square Wooden Tables with Two Chairs per Table
Stone Fireplace with Wooden Logs
Three Piece - L Shaped Stone Bar with Wooden Counter and Beams
Four Bar Stools
Cutting Board with Cheese Roll and Knife on the Bar
One Giant Beer Barrel on Stand
Three Beer Barrels
Three Port Barrels on Stands
Also has various Tankards, Loaves of Bread, Peices of Cheese and Plates

Product Details
This set is ready to use - No Painting Required.

The Tavern Funiture and Equipment are made of real wood composites and metal composites, this gives a premium matte textured finish.

Every playing mat needs a Tavern and this is the Grandest there is.

This Set is suitable for D&D, Pathfinder and many other Tabletop Role-playing Games.


"A dark brooding stranger in the corner, a jest-full bar tender and the sharp yet pleasant stench of Orcish Wilder-beast cheese. This tavern has it all, Athelstar muttered as he sat down and ordered his first round of locally brewed lightly spiced Ale, his gaze caught by an enticing slice of cheese tempting customers at the bar. As the first round of ale flowed refreshingly down his throat two portly Dwarves walked by chatting loudly about a gold seam recently discovered north of the village when suddenly a ranger burst out laughing, must have been something his short stocky friend had told him. This bar was feeling more and more homely by the minute Athelstar thought to himself, perhaps a testament to the strong ale it serves."


  • EXTRUDED GAMING TERRAIN SETS - are manufactured using Exotic Composite Materials giving their gaming terrain pieces the look and feel of Real Wood and Real Stone. This means they are ready to use with no painting required. Straight out of the box and onto your battle mat.
  • THIS NEXT GENERATION of miniature tabletop terrain is SIMPLY THE BEST you will find on the market. The detail is incredible and will definitely enhance your tabletop role play gaming sessions.
  • THESE DUNGEON SCENERY MINIATURES are also suitable for other table-top RPG like Pathfinder, Warhammer 40k, GURP, Mercs, Blood Bowl and other Fantasy Sagas.
  • ENRICH YOUR TABLETOP CAMPAIGNS with other Extruded Gaming Miniature Terrain Sets.
  • DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED in AUSTRALIA our goal is to create and provide the best looking, highest quality miniature terrain available on the market. We know you will love these Tabletop RPG Accessories when you use them in your next epic adventure!


Grand Tavern Set