Alchemists Study Set

This set is ready to use - No Painting Required.

The Alchemists Study Set contains a complete encounter ready for use on your tabletop gaming arena.


"Assigned to a tiny room deep beneath the Black Keep, the Alchemist know as Elias Drake works tirelessly to uncover the origin of the giant skull sitting upon a stone slab in front of his desk"


The Alchemist lab is a combination of composite and standard materials meticulously selected to bring life and character to this premium setting.


Own one of the most unique gaming sets currently available.

Alchemists Study Set Contains;

Two Bookshelves
Nine Book Groups
One Dragon Skull
One Chest
One Desk
One Human Skull
One Ape Skull
One Gold Orb
One Cup
One Feather
Eight Clear Jars
Three Red Jars
One Clear Jug
One Gray Jug
Two Thin Clear Jars
One Tall Clear Jar
One Large Clear Jar
One Red Heart
One Stone Slab

Alchemist Lab Set