Set of 60 Fantasy Miniature Figurines including 2 magnetic closing foam protective cases holding 30 miniatures each


Set Include

 - 10 Undead

 - 10 Bandits

 - 10 Goblins

 - 10 Elves,  Dwarves and Creatures

 - 10 Townsfolk

 - 10 NPC Villians & Soldiers


Product Details

These Miniatures are manufactured using a Resin 3D Printing Process. This process is known for producing the most incredible detail, as can be seen in these miniature models.

They look so good your dungeons should be crawling with them just so you can have them proudly displayed on your battle mat.

This Bandits Miniatures Set is incredibly detailed and will create great ambiance and mystique during your next campaign.
Printed using state of the art resin raw material giving a stunning level of detail

This Set is suitable for D&D, Pathfinder and many other Tabletop Role-Playing Games.



60 Fantasy Miniature Figurines

  • The image background squares are 25 mm or 1 inch.